Kenny and Dwight Yoakum


Kenny and Randy Travis.

Kenny and Randy Travis.

Kenny and Mike.

Kenny and Kate Hess.

Kenny and Kevin Fair.

Kenny opening for Garth Brooks.

Kenny opening for His boyhood Idol Merle Haggard with his old pal Carolyn Dawn Johnson.

Kenny & Ricky Van Shelton Kenny and Randy Bachman at Opening for his new album release.

Kenny Hess and his hockey pal’s Ricky Stebbings and Guy Lafleur.

Kenny playing at Harlan Howard’s party at the Sutler in Nashville. Jubilee Auditorium Edmonton Alberta 1999 Photo by Bill Borgwardt

Kenny performing at the 2005 B. C. Country Music Awards Show.

Kenny in his studio working with with musicians in Nashville via the internet at a company he is involved with.

Longriders CCMA Awards After Party, Edmonton Alberta. Photo by Bill Borgwardt

Windspear Theater, Edmonton Alberta - Global Country #1. Photo by Bill Borgwardt Kenny Hess and his band performing at the Pacific Nation Exhibition. -Vancouver British Columbia in 1980. Kenny cuts his musical teeth in the family band. Photo 1973.

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